Bula Concept Audiovisual

Experts in the production and installation of global and complete audiovisual concepts, our company is aimed at individuals as well as professionals, schools and hotels.

“Our intervention service guarantees you a 24-hour turnaround! »

A personalized living space

After examining the acoustics, wiring and electronics of your interior, we can determine for you the best way to transform your living space. Installation of a home cinema or
"Multiroom" - the music follows you in each room - we will be able to adapt the installation in an ergonomic and ideal way for your place of life.

Trusted partners

Always with a concern for quality, our home automation experts are top-notch.
Thus, we are able to integrate all existing home automation systems.

A successful install!

Accustomed to carrying out personalized installations adapted to the accommodation and according to the appliances, our team of experts will be able to show you the perfect location for your equipment. From speaker placement to optimize performance to device layout for modern design, we'll help you find the perfect combination.