Bula Concept Audiovisual
A virtuoso of technical perfection
OLED screen technology delivers unprecedented picture quality:
33 million sub-pixels are used in the well-designed and reliable OLED displays, all of which can be individually controlled. 
To display true black, dark areas of the image can be turned off with pixel precision. In this way, it is possible to obtain black values that were not possible before. This makes it possible to obtain particularly high-contrast images with realistic colors.
The 10-bit color depth, with its up to four times finer gradations, ensures smooth transitions and radiant, natural color rendition – from any angle and in completely even lighting. 
Self-illuminating pixels enable ultra-fast reaction time: the screen reacts faster and more fluently than ever. 
Breathtaking sharpness thanks to UHD resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and 10-bit color depth. 
“Discover a whole new dimension of vision. »


An audible difference.

MetzSoundPro sound technology delivers impressive sound quality to match. The Topas has a partially active 3-way system with subwoofer, which guarantees convincing sound experiences. Individual control via independent amplifiers creates an absolutely clear, nuanced and full sound picture. Despite the slim design of the Topas, the sound module achieves an impressive transmission range thanks to an elaborate internal construction. The mid-to-high-end concept impresses with its stable spatiality and ensures very good speech intelligibility. The woofers ensure a clean bass base.

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